Byron Bay Postcard: In the Heart of Stone & Wood Country

Stone & Wood Byron Bay Craft Beer

Let’s wake up and make coffee and smash some avocados and read the latest letters to the editor in The Echo. Later, for no particular reason, let’s get in the car, tune the radio to Bay FM, and take a slow drive to Bangalow on the winding two-lane road that dips and dives around sprawling farms and rolling hills and untouched bushland. Afterward we can get a haloumi pocket or a vegan pie or a lamington at Suffolk Park Bakery, because it’ll be lunchtime in Suffolk Park and that’s where you get lunch.

Let’s go for a long afternoon run on Tallows Beach, from Broken Head to the lighthouse and back, then sit in the sand and watch the surfers surf and the dogs chase their balls. In and around the trees let’s look for bush turkeys, rosellas, king parrots, and laughing kookaburras, and try to spot dolphins and migrating humpback whales out in the magnificent Pacific. If it’s Tuesday night, let’s get in line–it’s gonna be out the door again–for a cheap curry plate at Yellow Flower, or grab a discounted pie, either the Sicilian or Funghi, at Pizza Paradiso. Otherwise let’s share the nachos at The Park.

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And later, after we’ve put the little guy to bed and the babysitter is here, let’s bike into town for a few schooners of fresh Stone & Wood at The Rails, because I want to see people and I want to see life. Pacific Ale, Cloud Catcher, Jasper Ale, I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care. We can get a fish sandwich, too, and douse the chips in the housemade hot sauce. And when the guy who made the sauce ambles over to our table and sheepishly asks us if we liked it, explaining that he made it and he’s still tweaking the recipe, let’s tell him we loved it, just like we did last time he asked.

Because we do love it. All of it.

Brian Spencer
written by: Brian Spencer
Brian Spencer is a Singapore-based freelance journalist and the founder of Beer Travelist. Say hello at brian [a]